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  1. Fitter gloves

    Aisin blue fitter gloves with Aisin logo Material: Nitrile and nylon Packed per pair in a polybag Learn More
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  2. Magnetic torch

    Torch with 28 LED lights Magnetic back for easy storage or placement against metal surfaces. Size: 20,20 x 2,10 x 2,70 cm Material: ABS plastic with soft touch coating Three modes: - 4 LED flashlight - 24 LED lights - the two above at the same time Learn More
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  3. Multitool with 12 functions

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  4. 5-in-1 Toolpen

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  5. Screwmagnet

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  6. Magnetic pick-up tool

    Telescopic tool Incl. strong magnet with a strength up to 2,2 kg Incl. a LED light with a turning mechanism Incl. a comfortable grip Length closed: 19,5 cm Length enlarged: up to 80 cm Learn More
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  7. Universal clutch center tool

    Universal Clutch Aligner with plastic storage case. For Clutch – Hub – Diam: 15-28 mm As result of parallel expansion technique it’s possible to align the clutch plate with the cover plate before mounting. Advantage: The expanding segment expand in the same axis of both the tool body and the crankshaft, so that alignment of the clutch plate is possible relative to the cover plate. Learn More
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7 Item(s)